Since 1998, we have been in contact with the watchmaking industry.

From making clocks and pocket watches to making mechanical watches and quartz watches, it took 20 years. At first, we repaired and restructured watches for customers, and started to have a strong interest in watches.

Our master watchmaker – our founder, has received wide acclaim in the local area for his superb repair skills. Later, we started to get in touch with R&D and watchmaking, owned an official watch store, and tried development and retail. Low prices and good workmanship have always been our advantages, and we have accumulated many customers for this reason.

We opened our first factory in 2004, and watch brands of all sizes have sought our production cooperation. With the addition of machines, efficiency and craftsmanship have been improved. We provide a steady stream of watches for domestic and foreign customers, including custom-made watches based on customer pictures.

We can make as exquisite watches or imitation watches as possible within the budget of our customers. This is the origin of this website.